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Rest In Peace, I Always Pray For You Kungkung

9:00 AM

Last picture taken with you.

You were born in 1917, but you purposely made it 1919 in your ID card, so you can remember it easily as you want. You will be 97 by next month, but God loves you so much, he took you back.

Grandpa, we had been together for 6 years. Many secrets I know that your children don’t.

"Please, don’t tell my kids," asked you every time you started the story.

Grandpa, you are a good husband to your wife, a good father to your children, and also a good grandfather to your grandchildren.

Grandpa, I have never seen my real grandfather since I was born, and when I met you, seemed like I found my grandfather that I've been looking for.

     Ave, name from you

Grandpa, there is one memory that I will never forget. The necklace you gave me, with a nickname on it, a name that you have given me as my nickname, I'll take care of it carefully.

Grandpa, when you're healthy, you never want to bother other people, including me, the one who take care of you. As long as you can do it yourself, you will never ask me to help.

Every morning when you wake up, the first thing you do is open your wife’s wardrobe. You take out her shirt then you fold it back, every morning, when you wake up.

Only the last 2 years after your surgery, it is no longer you do. Your condition does not allow you to sleep in a room where your wife’s wardrobe is in.

Grandpa, I'm really sorry that I could not see you for the last time. I often feel that I miss you so much, miss your funny words.

In the past morning, we had breakfast together. There were only bread and coffee, plus Tin Wong and Ming Pau newspapers on the horse game, but that was enough. "I want to earn money first," you said, and I laughed because I knew what you meant.

Every time when you bought a Mark Six  ticket or place the bet on horse race. No day without struggling with the Ming Pau and Tin Wong newspaper to find a horse who will become the winner. And you do not be stingy to give away thousands of money to buy it. When victorious, happy hues will shine, but when you lose, you will say, "Well, this is gambling, win or lose, it’s ordinary world."

Then the next day you will be excited again to find which horse will win. My happiness is when I see you always smiling even though you lost in gambling.

Grandpa, you often ask me, "If I die, I can meet my wife, can’t I?" Then I answered, "Definitely yes, you can."

Grandpa, I'm sure you are with your wife now. Meet and chat together again. Grandpa, I hope you are happy now.

Rest in Peace, Grandpa. I always pray for you.

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10 komentar

  1. Jd keinget kungkung q jg,bru aja brpulang bln10 lalu d usia ke 73. Trlalu cpt..pdhl sblm aq plng cuti msh sht2 sj,stlh aq balik sini selang bbrp hr msuk rumkit krn hrs operasi kanker dan trnyta tak tak kmbli lg. 9th brsamanya.. Bnyak canda gurau serta nasehat2 darinya.. Missing U..

    1. Hiks, nyesek mbak kalau ingat. Sudah kayak kakek sendiri, gak pernah marah dia selalu baik, meski saya kadang cemberut

  2. Kenangan yang takkan terlupakan, sayang dia pergi di saat ananda tak lagi di sampingnya..

    1. Saya merasa bersalah om :( Meski sekarang tak lagi dengannya, tapi pikiran saya tetap tentangnya

  3. huhuhuhuhuhu pagi-pagi baca ginian ;(
    ikut berdoa buat beliau ya mak.. di surga sana, udah gak perlu ngeliatin baju istri lagi, udah bisa peluk langsung :')
    Duh, basah deh :'(

    1. hiks, iya mak Pung, dia sudah senang bisa bercengkrama lagi dengan istrinya di sana

  4. Grandpa nya pasti orang yang baik bgt ya mba..

    1. Betul mbak, baiknya super baik banget, sangat kehilangan :(
      semoga mendapat Surga-Nya

  5. Replies
    1. Hiks, saya beberapa malam
      gak bisa tidur mbak